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You can join me at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and occasionally Pinterest. No, scratch that, I don’t use Pinterest anymore. Just Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And yes, I have a lot of accounts – because I have a lot of interests! If you’re strictly interested in equestrian fiction, follow my Facebook page. But if you’re interested in everything I have to offer, here are my accounts:

Equestrian Fiction

On Facebook, Natalie Keller Reinert: Equestrian Fiction is my main hub for all things horses and fiction.

On Twitter, @nataliekreinert is my professional account and @equestrianreader is where I retweet and share horse book news.

Everyday Life

I tweet about horses, coffee, clouds, theme parks, and more at @nataliegallops on Twitter

I share photos of dogs, horses, food, coffee, clouds, theme parks, and more at @nataliekreinert on Instagram

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Loose Rein Collections

My equestrian inspiration site is in a bit of a hiatus due to the pandemic, but I try to update it occasionally and plan a return to normal posting in the future. Follow it at:

Facebook: Loose Rein Collections

Twitter: @heylooserein

Instagram: @loosereincollections

You Must Be This Tall: A Novel

If you’re a member of my Patreon, you’re probably aware of/have read this novel which is set in a fictional theme park. I’m planning on releasing this novel in 2021; until then, I’m dabbling in social media with an Instagram and Twitter account devoted to all things AtB, plus theme park history.

Follow @atblifestyler on Twitter

Follow @atblifestyler on Instagram

Weather and Clouds

For more Florida weather (just like Jules has to deal with!) follow my Instagram devoted to clouds. You can also read about local Florida weather with my Twitter account, aimed at the Orlando area.

Follow @WeatheratWDW on Twitter

Follow @nataliesclouds on Instagram

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