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As a professional writer and editor, you may see my work in a variety of ways online and never know it was me! I’m a specialist in copywriting for social media content and advertising, and I also write articles for a number of publications. I’m a regular contributor to TouringPlans, a vacation planning resource, and I’ve launched and written for several corporate blogs for companies such as Virgin Atlantic.

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  1. Liz Maslin says:

    Just finished book 2 eventing series and thoroughly enjoyed it. Brings home old h/j, eventing and dressage memories. After riding, showing, and teaching for more than 40 years on a shoestring, all your info rings true. (Am 72 and disabled (all crocked up!). I had an old 2-horse trailer with one broken spring on the side of the ramp. My tow vehicle was a stripped down bare metal floor with a sizable rust hole beneath the gas pedal. Its other attributes was a back door which always flopped open at inopportune moments, windows requiring vice grips to crank them up or down, a permanently nonworking heater, and a sun roof which wouldn’t lock shut. Rust bucket it surely was but it never failed to start and could pull a full size farm tractor out of ditch. Those were the days!!

    Scrabbling training money out of braiding jobs; clipping, grooming,cleaning other riders’ tack; and teaching kids and adults how to develop “the feel”. (Yes, with time and a lot of patience, I believe it can be taught to riders wanting to learn it.)

    My last horse finally did me in and threw me off at regular intervals. He was a trakhener-tb cross only 16h but way taller when he was standing on his tippy toes. I learned early on that I was not fully up to jumping a horse who could bend himself in like a pretzel so I relegated him to being a drsg pony as he was an outstanding mover with a huge gaits–but I wasn’t really up for sitting trot since my back was starting to become problematic so I finally sold him to a local drsg trnr who took him from 2nd level to GP. What an incredible beast he was and funny as hell. If you threw him in a stall for just a sec unlatched, he’d gleefully take advantage of that and would throw the oak door open and trot around the aisle dragging all the blankets onto the floor. Good memories!

    I can also identify with Jules and her non-ending litany of worries. These haunt me even now as I take classes to alleviate my anxiety and panic attacks and spend an hour a day meditatng/hypnosis dealing with my chronic–old brain cells have to work harder to achieve a workable level of plasticity.

    I digress. I’m delighted to read about the real horse industry I know. By-the-bye, if there any futures in my spelling or grammar, I blame Samsung–they don’t like horse lingo!

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