Ebook Formatting and Book Marketing

When you’re looking for professional support for your self-publishing dreams, I’m here to help!

With ten years of personal and professional experience in self-publishing and digital marketing, I’m fully invested in this community. We’re a tribe of writers who believe in our work and its individuality. That’s what makes self-publishing so great: being an independent author means that we can bring our stories directly to our readers without meeting the requirements of a publishing house only interested in selling to the most general of audiences.

But of course, publishing your book is nothing like writing your book.

The tech know-how to create a beautifully formatted ebook and print edition of your book doesn’t come overnight. I’ve been designing books since 2011 and have a solid track record of creating beautiful, well-formatted books that sell. Here are some of the services I can offer you:

ebook design formatting

Ebook Formatting & Cover Design Services

Develop the beautiful book you’ve been dreaming of, without spending hours trying to learn formatting, coding, or Photoshop! I’ll work one-on-one with you to create the book of your dreams. Customize your chapter headings and fonts, or choose professionally-designed presets perfect for your story’s genre and tone. Even with preset packages, nothing is ever set in stone: that’s the joy of working with an individual instead of a corporation. Custom formatting for ebooks is $75; add a paperback interior for a total of $165.

Examples include Palm Beach, a complete cover design based on the existing four-book Show Circuit Series, and Good Things Come, a book cover fully incorporating the author’s artistic vision, including cover art painted by the author!

Bring Your Equestrian Book to Life

Custom ebook cover design starts at $135. You can also check my premade cover shop to see if I’ve already created the right individual or series covers for your books.

Did you finally finish that horse book? I’m here to work with you from copy-editing to paperback production. As a leader in the equestrian fiction genre, I can turn your manuscript into a beautiful reality which resonates with your readers!

Bring Your Cover Designer, Bring Your Dreams

If you have the artwork, bring it with you! Sometimes, you know exactly which artist can bring your dreams to life. Did you know that while I design most of my covers, I brought on an artist for The Hidden Horses of New York? Let’s talk about what you’re looking for. If I can’t create it, I’ll help you find an artist who can. I’ll then focus on designing a beautiful custom interior for your book.

Complete Ebook and Paperback Packages

If formatting and design just isn’t your thing, let me do it for you. Paperback and ebook formatting + custom cover design packages are $300 and include formatted updates when you need them.

Digital Marketing Packages

Add on a package of marketing templates for social media posts which sell your stories! From graphics perfect for Facebook advertising to profile page covers and Instagram posts, you’ll love these professional designs to share online.

Grabbing Mane summer read horse book natalie keller reinert
Social media marketing packages include lifestyle images that boost your book’s cover appeal!

Contact me today to learn how we can build a beautiful book that sells!