Premade Book Covers for Equestrian Fiction and Horse Books

Looking for an equestrian fiction cover or a horse book cover? Premade book covers for your novel with equestrian settings are here! Customizable and cost-effective, you can order a premade book cover and feel confident that you’re getting a fully licensed photo, commercially-licensed fonts, and the expertise of a veteran designer in the equestrian fiction genre.

Take a look at what’s currently available!

You can also order a custom cover. Contact me at natalie@ nataliekreinert .com (remove spaces) to get started!

Equestrian Fiction Premade Book Covers

Middle Grade & Young Adult

This trio will make a great middle grade or young adult equestrian series. Customize the titles, subtitles, add teaser text, or even change the fonts at no additional charge. Add a fourth, fifth, or more to suit longer series – just ask!

Pony Party Series Prices

3-book set, ebook: $150

Individual books, ebook: $65


Paperback addition, series: +$100

Paperback addition, individual: +$50

To order, email natalie@ nataliekreinert .com (remove spaces) and we’ll get started on your book cover customization!