Eventing Series Book 3: Courage



For three-day event rider Jules Thornton, courage means riding her horses forward through the most daunting cross-country courses in the sport. She’s already proven she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make her name as an eventer, even spending the summer in an intense dressage program.

Now she’s back in Ocala and ready to tackle the winter eventing with her usual bravado, but neither she nor her partner, Pete are ready for the next struggle the eventing gods have cooked up. Their farm is locked in a legal battle, their income depends on galloping racehorses, and Amanda the Hunter Princess is way too friendly with Pete for Jules’ tastes.

This fall, Jules has to learn courage goes deeper than kicking on through sticky situations. Courage means hanging on for dear life, and knowing when to let go.

Reviews for Courage from Amazon: 

“Another win by Natalie Keller Reinert! I love the horses to be sure, but also appreciate the conversational style that Ms. Refinery writes with. The barns, people, horses are beautifully described and they feel like some place I’ve been, not just a book. I can’t wait for further books!”

“More truth than fiction…Natalie’s books reflect her familiarity with various aspects of the horse business. She’s got a good handle on relationships, too.”

“If you care for horses, ride, and want a book that breaks from the mold of “young person forms special bond with broken horse,” then you will appreciate this series. Along with the ribbons we also accompany Jules through the daily grind and trepidation of trying new things. Reinert’s characters are not only approachable (sometimes reproachable), but also easy to identify with.”

Review from Mary Pagones, author of the Fortune’s Fool series

“The breadth of Courage is so impressive, spanning not only the eventing world but Thoroughbred racing, showjumping, and even high performance hunters. The heroine Jules is desperately attempting to keep her career as an eventer afloat, not lose the farm she shares with her boyfriend Pete, and to ensure their horses are fit and healthy. Of course, all of these things require money, and Jules has to grit her teeth and sacrifice more and more over the course of her book to remain solvent—her safety, her privacy, her dignity, and even the ability to ride her own horses wherever and whenever she wants to ride them.

“Reinert always calls her fiction ‘horse books for grownups’ and that is exactly what this book is—although it is very funny, it is bracingly realistic about what it means to work professionally in the horse world and the personal toll it takes upon human as well as human-equine relationships.”

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