Eventing Series Book 5: Forward


It’s a crossroads moment for Jules and Pete, as both of them find the sport, and their careers, are taking different directions than what they’d ever expected.


At the end of Luck, we saw Jules and Pete settling into a new life at Alachua Eventing Co-op, where Jules will be the manager and head riding instructor. It’s not exactly what she expected out of her career, but things are going fine, and it’s better than living in a horse trailer, right?

The cracks begin to show as the eventing season winds up and summer sets in across Florida. Pete’s new horse has an overbearing owner who is pressuring him into pushing the horse too fast. Dynamo suddenly seems to be showing his age on the cross-country course. And how on earth is Jules supposed to manage a barn, a dozen kids, and her own competition schedule?

She’ll need some help from old friends — and maybe some old enemies, too — but Jules is going to keep moving forward, no matter what. From the pine plantations of north Florida to the skyscraper shadows of the Central Park Horse Show, Forward is all about chasing dreams, wherever they may lead.

Reviews for Forward from Amazon: 

“Every starry-eyed young horse lover dreaming of making a living from horses should read Keller Reinert’s books just to get an insider’s look at the rollercoaster ride of the horse business. Pete and Jules are together now, but are they really? Their joint venture starts to diverge, even though their skills and interests seem complementary. Pete handles the moneyed owners while Jules is bringing along the next generation while also chipping away at her dreams in what spare time she has. Then, Pete’s career must go on hold, while Jules gets a new opportunity among the glitterati in New York. Can their relationship, let alone their business, survive new choices? As eventing changes, so do they.”

“I really, really enjoyed this book. As always, Natalie Keller Reinert perfectly melds a fascinating, realistic equestrian plot with excellent character development and snappy, fun dialogue. She is by far the best adult equestrian author I’ve read since Jane Smiley. I can’t wait to read her next book!”

“As a retired professional rider/coach and former features editor at SPUR magazine, I have some experience in racing, hunter/jumpers and eventing. Natalie never fails to deliver accuracy, memorable characters and interesting plots in each sport. As expected, Forward was another enjoyable read.”

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