Eventing Series Book 4: Luck


A fan favorite, book 4 of The Eventing Series explores new opportunities for Jules and Pete.


Jules is used to starting over. With her horses, her dreams, and Pete by her side, they’re making a new go of eventing life in an unlikely setting. After years of riding for trainers and owners, their isolated little farm feels like a luxury to her. Unfortunately, not everyone in the business agrees that less is more. Jules has never thought of herself as lucky, but now she’ll need all the luck — and hard work — in the world to hang on to the horses she loves.

Reviews for Luck from Amazon:

“Yet another fantastic book! I have enjoyed how the characters of Jules and Pete have developed with all the struggles they have gone through and overcome. Their trials written as if you were there seeing them first hand, feeling their emotions and experiencing their joys. And, as always, written the knowledge of someone who loves horses. That’s what makes Natalie Keller Reinert such a fantastic writer.”

As a person that has done some eventing and a forever horse lover I fell in love with this series from the very first book. Jules is a very believable character and it’s interesting to watch her growth in both riding and relationships… These are books that I will read over and over again and I hope that this series continues on.”

I’ve enjoyed all the books by this author, but this one was the best so far. It brings the horse country of central FL to life, and Jules’s somewhat newfound self awareness makes the story kind of poignant in places. Really looking forward to more from this author!”

“I’m a huge fan of this author and of this series and was eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. It did not disappoint! To me Jules is at her strongest, most sympathetic yet. This isn’t a character I have always liked but it has been enthralling to watch her growth through the series and find her calling not only as a horsewoman but as a mentor to other aspiring equestrians. Her relationship with Pete continues to evolve through a white knuckled series of ups and downs that kept me reading straight through to the very end. This is my favorite book yet of the series.”
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