Eventing Series Book 2: Pride


The much-anticipated second chapter of The Eventing Series introduces new characters and a working student challenge Jules is hardly prepared for.


Horses aren’t cheap, and competing event horses is a tough way to make a living. Jules Thornton is settled at Briar Hill Farm with fellow trainer Pete Morrison, eyes focused on a successful future in eventing, but money is tight and opportunities are dwindling.

When a potential sponsor offers Pete a stellar deal, Jules is ready for her big break — but it’s not what she was hoping for. She’ll have to make hard choices if she wants a future in eventing — and with Pete.

There are fireworks on the horizon as Jules heads south to Florida’s vacation-land to meet her new trainer, Grace Carter. The star of “Show Barn Blues” is back to put Jules through her paces and bring her attitude down a notch or two. Can Jules stick out a summer of dressage lessons and high-dollar clients?

Reviews forĀ PrideĀ from Amazon:

“A writer who really knows how to write for us horse people! She just tells the story and the fact that it is so rich in authentic background detail is what makes it a good read. That, and her interesting wit and complete candor — both good and bad — at what a life with horses is really like.”

“Absolutely great, I always get excited when I see another one of Natalie’s books available on Amazon, and this one did not disappoint. Really great detail, fully fleshed out characters, not melodramatic. Just a perfect fictional romp through the professional world of horses.”

“I love Jules, and this book did not disappoint as a follow-up to the wonderful Ambition. As with all Reinert’s books, the details of day-to-day horse life and riding methods are accurate, and the way characters respond in these situations even more so. So many parts of this book made me double up with laughter, and will be relatable to anyone that has spent time around horses, and especially those struggling to make it in the evening world.”

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