The Hidden Horses of New York: A Novel


Take a journey through a New York City – with side-trips to Ocala and Saratoga Springs – you’ve never seen before: a city filled with horses, challenges, and a chance at lasting romance.


Jenny’s a horsewoman, born and bred. Aidan’s a photographer, with a passion for sleek thoroughbreds. Lana has business brains and start-up cash. Together, they’re going to bring horse racing’s best stories to life. Best friends working on a passion project together: it could be the perfect post-grad life in New York City… if only Jenny wasn’t hopelessly in love with Aidan.

Unrequited love aside, Jenny might be in over her head. It’s not an easy task to get old-fashioned trainers to open up to her, but Jenny’s determined to get her story. Then, as she digs deep in search of a missing horse, Jenny tumbles into a dark underworld she’d thought was just a fairy tale.

In the pursuit of horse racing’s happy endings, to say nothing of her own, Jenny will find herself tested again and again. A colt’s bid for a Breeders’ Cup championship, a racehorse with no name, a charming police mount on Amsterdam Avenue, a carriage horse clattering through Central Park: the horses of New York are clamoring to have their stories told. Jenny just has to find the words, and the courage, to give them a voice.

Reviews for The Hidden Horses of New York on Amazon:

“I have enjoyed all of Natalie’s novels – she’s a ‘been there, done that’ author. This book feels different – like a passion/personal mission, and in her end notes, indicated that is exactly what it is. Three young college grads take exception to the bad public rep of horse racing and plan a blog site highlighting the good life of a race horse – before and after its intended career. One of the young ladies has grown up on the track, with trainer parents – and blows up friendships and their business when she realizes that not everyone treats their horses the way she and her parents do.
It’s not fluff – it’s reality…and it’s a TREMENDOUS read, especially for those who can picture the locations and the action.”

“Natalie Keller Reinert delivers another page-turner full of new characters to love. Discover horses and their jobs in a city that most perceive as a concrete jungle. New York City has a reputation for being tough, both the people and the landscape, however, Reinert shows us the green areas, the care, and jobs afforded to horses in such a place. She does so without shying away from the less pleasant realities that mar the domestic partnership between horses and humans. We get to follow a young journalist, Jenny, strives to live by and spread the lessons her horse racing parents taught her while also carving out her own identity.”

“Kudos to Reinert for bringing to light the hidden horse life of my home town! This novel spins around the racetrack, but touches on different aspects of the lives of the many kinds of horses and horse people in NYC. I have seen the best and the worst of the racetrack( which turned out to NOT be my dream job, much to my dismay, and the author paints clear picture through the idealistic eyes of horseman Jenny Wolfe. This book blends the right amounts of horses, romance, intrigue and emotion to create a good yarn. I enthusiastically recommend it!”

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