It’s the Kentucky Derby! Let’s Have an eBook Sale!

Historical Romance Sale by Natalie Keller ReinertIn honor of the First Saturday in May and the Run for the Roses, I’m having a sale — on eBooks!

My Heroines on Horseback Historical Romance novels all feature unique characters — both male and female — who draw strength from their horsemanship. I’m immensely fond of these stories.

The historical romance field is very crowded, and they haven’t seen many reviews, but take a look at some of the nice things that have been said about the Heroines on Horseback:

The book was just as well written as one of the leading lights of the Traditional Regency Romance genre.

If you are looking for a regency with a Heroine with some spunk this is the one for you! Probably my favorite of the 200+ I’ve read this year. Funny and lively.

Not too shabby, right?

I have a thing for historical romances — I started reading them when I was in middle school, and for escapism, it doesn’t get much better. Gowns, chivalry, ancestral manor houses and crumbling castles… and of course, there are always horses.

I fell very hard for the Regency period, especially as I grew older and I discovered actual historical writers such as Jane Austen and William Thackeray. I love the rich language and the dry wit of the early nineteenth century, and in the two Regency-era titles, Miss Spencer Rides Astride and The Honorable Nobody, I worked very hard to create dialogue that was true to the period. Add in rich settings from the Irish countryside to the Dakota prairies, some fine horses, and a few complicated relationships, and you have yourself a story!

Miss Spencer Rides Astride, The Genuine Lady, and The Honorable Nobody are all available as eBooks at Barnes & and I do hope you enjoy them!

New Books Released!

I’m so pleased to announce that my historical romance series, Heroines on Horseback, are now available in new editions and under my name. Previously published under the pen name Sydney Alexander, these three novels are particular favorites of mine, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with my readers. Each feature unique men and women who draw strength from their relationship with horses.

Miss Spencer Rides Astride: Book One in Heroines on HorsebackBook 1, Miss Spencer Rides Astride, is a fun Regency-period romance set in a hunting yard in Ireland. William Archer is on the run from an arranged marriage back in London. Grainne Spencer is trying to make sure her father doesn’t remember she’s a female who ought to be in dresses, not stomping around the yard in boots and breeches. Both of them seem prone to really, really short-sighted decisions. More a short novel than a full-length, Miss Spencer has received some excellent reviews and is just chock-full of horses.

The Honorable Nobody: Heroines on Horseback Book 2Book 2, The Honorable Nobody, was originally Book 3. But it makes more sense to fit it in right after Miss Spencer. That’s because the Honorable Nobody in question is Peregrin Fawkes, William Archer’s closest friendĀ  — and raging racehorse enthusiast. All Peregrin wants is to succeed as a racehorse trainer. But when he scoops Miss Lydia Dean out of danger before London soiree, his goalposts start to move. And Lydia, who minutes before thought her heart broken forever, finds herself head over heels in love with her rescuer. Unfortunately, other, wealthier forces are also at play, and also set on marrying Lydia.

The Genuine Lady: Heroines on Horseback Book 3Book 3: The Genuine Lady, is a cowboy western. Yes, I wrote a cowboy western historical, and I love it. Cherry Beacham was an English lady… once. With her infant son, she has fled scandal and disgrace in England for a new life in the Dakota Territory. She finds a little town with a big heart ready to welcome her, despite her desire to keep to herself. And she finds a cowboy with a troubled past that she just can’t seem to shake. This book is funny, sweet, and sometimes, a little sad — I just adore these characters!

Each book is available in the Kindle store at Amazon as well as in Nook at Barnes & Look for paperbacks coming soon.

I hope you love these stories as much as I do! They have been a pleasure to write and I look forward to adding more to the series in the future!

All of my books at Barnes and Noble are available here.

All of my books at Amazon are available here.