Briar Hill Farm: An Ocala Equestrian Series

A new home for fans of The Eventing Series, Show Barn Blues, Alex & Alexander, and my other Ocala Equestrian Collection novels…

Briar Hill Farm is a place for horse-people to come together and find success, friendship, and maybe even romance. This series features equestrians doing what they do best: training and raising horses, teaching and learning horsemanship, and working together to make the world a better (horsier) place!

The books will be released throughout 2022 and 2023, starting with the first three:

  • Foaling Season (July 2022)
  • Friends With Horses (November 2022)
  • Outside Rein (February 2023)

Each Briar Hill Farm book features perspectives from different characters. Foaling Season focuses on Jules (The Eventing Series), Kit (The Eventing Series), Alex (Alex & Alexander Series), and Gigi (Alex & Alexander Series).

Friends With Horses features more from Grace (Show Barn Blues Series) and others.

Outside Rein will include a big contribution from Amanda the Hunter Princess, a favorite bit character from both The Eventing Series and The Project Horse!

Can I start reading Briar Hill Farm if I’ve never read the other books?

Yes! Briar Hill Farm books are written for old and new fans alike. But trust me…once you’ve started reading Briar Hill Farm, you won’t be able to resist reading the dedicated series for the different characters!

Will there be more than three Briar Hill Farm books?

That’s the plan! It’s been an ambition of mine for a long time to bring together all these characters for a series that is absorbing and page-turning with multiple storylines coming together. It’s much easier for me as a writer, and you as a reader, when I have one regular series instead of five or six that I’m only updating once a year!

Where can I find Briar Hill Farm?

These books will be available in ebook and paperback from all major retailers – but you’ll always get the best price on ebooks from my Author Direct store, hosted by Payhip.


Will these books be in Kindle Unlimited?

No, because Kindle Unlimited requires ebooks be exclusive to Amazon. I have decided it is more important to make my ebooks available to public libraries than to a paid subscription service like Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. Readers can find my ebooks on library apps like CloudLibrary, Overdrive, Libby, and Hoopla. Libraries typically add them fairly quickly after readers place a request, and then you can read them for free – and make them available for other library patrons!

Will Briar Hill Farm come in audiobook?

Yes, although generally my audiobooks come available several months after my ebook is available. This is due to added production time and costs associated with recording audiobooks.