NKR Tampa Bay DownsGrowing up between Maryland and Florida, Natalie Keller Reinert has spent much of her life in the saddle. From galloping racehorses at Aqueduct, to grooming for international-level Event riders in Ocala, to riding on mounted patrol in New York City, if it involves horses, Reinert’s probably given it a try.

In 2011 she released THE HEAD AND NOT THE HEART, which became the first of four novels in the Alex and Alexander series. She’s also written novels set in eventing (AMBITION) and horse showing (SHOW BARN BLUES).

Reinert is a two-time semi-finalist for the Dr. Tony Ryan Book Award, for literature about the horse racing industry. She’s also a veteran freelance writer with credits including Cheer Biz News and Dappled Grey, where she contributed a literary column.

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  1. Mabelle C Hennessey (Mitzi) says:

    Will there be a sequel to “Show Barn Blues?” I’m a native Floridian, intensely dislike developers, used to ride my horse on Ponte Vedra Beach and in the area where Sawgrass is now before the developers wrecked it. I have loved horses all my life and really relate to Grace. She lives the life of my dreams. Thank you for writing such a delightful book and I hope there will be another. Grace needs to catch the bad guys, trail ride with Snowbirds and let us know what happened to her first pony!

    1. Hi Mitzi! Thanks so much for the comment! I know the Sawgrass area, too. It’s hard to watch Florida get plowed under this way. That’s why I hope there’s another story about Grace in the future. It seems we need to speak up about our natural resources now, more than ever. Some people never learn.
      You can also find more Grace in Pride, Book 2 of The Eventing Series!

  2. Cali E says:

    Hi There! I just finished reading all three books in the Eventing Series, and I loved them all! I was just wondering if there was ever going to be another book in that series, and if so, do you know when this will happen?! Thank you for giving your readers great books to interest them!

  3. Theresa Rice says:

    Be still my horse-loving, writerly heart! I found a post you had written on the Equestrian Culture website and googled your name because I loved your writing so much. You can’t believe how much I love finding horsewomen who are also beautiful writers. I’ll be obsessively reading your posts tonight 🙂

  4. Carrie Ezll says:

    I read all your books in the Eventing series and fell in love. You do such a good job putting together a story that makes your characters come to life. At the end of book 5 I was so sad it was over. Are you going to make another book after Forward? Thank you for writing the series. I will definitely be reading more of your books.

    1. Natalie Keller Reinert says:

      Hi Carrie! Thank you so much for the message. I am so so happy to know the Eventing Series meant something to you.

      I’m currently planning on working on the sixth book this fall with a holiday release date.

      If you are looking for something else to read, do check out my Patreon! I use it to share first drafts, exclusive stories, and blog posts. http://www.Patreon.com/nataliekreinert

      Thanks again!

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