Ocala Horse Girls: A Romance Series

Meet the Ocala Horse Girls!

This new series features young women making their way in the equestrian world, while finding love along the way. These close friends are chasing their horsey dreams in Ocala, Florida – the horse capital of the world! With plenty of riding and training, these books are light-hearted and fun looks at what it takes to be an equestrian, as well as falling (and staying) in love!

Fall in love with the Ocala Horse Girls

The Ocala Horse Girls series is a closed-door romance series, meaning there aren’t any sex scenes. Like I always tell my readers at book-signings, you can have riding scenes or sex scenes, but there just isn’t room to include both! This also means they’re suitable for teenagers, making them great gifts for horse-crazy teens who maybe aren’t as book-crazy as their parents would like.

Readers who don’t know horses are in for a treat, because you’ll get to know what it’s like to work at and run equestrian centers, including racehorse breeding farms, three-day-eventing stables, and more!

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“Just couldn’t put it down!” The Project Horse

“Really love the new series. Posey is very relatable.” The Project Horse

“Light-hearted and quirky” The Sweetheart Horse

Intrigue, romance, and a Florida hurricane- this book has it all!” – The Sweetheart Horse

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Where to sample and buy Ocala Horse Girls

Books 1-3 of Ocala Horse Girls are available from all major retailers and my author direct store, nataliekreinert.shop. Looking for a preview? You can use the Look Inside feature at Amazon, enjoy a BookFunnel sample from my store, or access the samples at Barnes & Noble and other bookstores.

Book One, The Project Horse, is now a finalist for the American Horse Publications’ 2023 award for Best Equine-Related Fiction!

Get to know the series!

Book 1: The Project Horse

Posey Malone heads home to Ocala, hoping for comfort in her childhood home after life in NYC doesn’t pan out the way she’d hoped. But when she gets home, there’s an unwelcome surprise waiting: her mother is moving to a Thoroughbred farm to work and live full-time.

Posey’s welcome to come, but that means she’ll be stuck working with Adam Salazar — the reason she went to the city in the first place.

A second-chance, enemies-to-lovers romance with plenty of horses!

Book 2: The Sweetheart Horse

Kayla Moore has the job of a lifetime. Sure, there isn’t much future in farm-sitting, but she’s content to live on her wealthy benefactors’ farm while they gallivant around the world. In fact, the farm owners have an exciting addition to her compensation package: a young and promising mare. Everything is perfect…until Kayla finds out that she’s about to have a houseguest as well. Basil Han is a hotshot young show jumper with a serious attitude problem — and a secret that is going to keep Kayla up at night.

A forced proximity, enemies-to-lovers romance with some big surprises!

Book 3: The Regift Horse

Evie has struggled to find meaning in her equestrian life after retiring her heart horse. So when her cousin concocts a plan to regift her Christmas horse to Evie, she’s on board with the idea…although she’s less certain when she finds out it comes with a boarding and training contract.

Malcolm Horsham is a notorious terror on the eventing circuit, especially where his staff is concerned. But when he offers Evie a shot at training with him for six months, she goes against the gossip and gives him a chance.

A grumpy/sunshine, workplace romance set at a top eventing barn!

Book 4: The Hollywood Horse

Coming later in 2023!

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