Catoctin Creek: Small Town Romance

Welcome to a small town where the sunsets are spectacular, the daylilies bloom all summer, and hearts are as big as the mountains.

Welcome to Catoctin Creek.

This ongoing series is sweet and clean, with likeable characters who overcome their personal challenges in order to achieve their dreams . . . and find true love!

Fall in love with Catoctin Creek!

Get to know long-time residents, meet mysterious newcomers, and delve into old family histories. In the town of Catoctin Creek, everyone knows everyone . . . that’s what makes their secrets so surprising.

Books in the Catoctin Creek Series

Available individually in ebook or paperback, or in one ebook collection

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Catoctin Creek sweet romance series

Book One: Sunset at Catoctin Creek

In this little corner of rural Maryland, Rosemary Brunner lives alone at Notch Gap Farm. Her family has been here for generations; now Rosemary is the last Brunner in Catoctin Creek. With the her little herd of rescue horses and her cat, Smoke (a very ineffective mouser) she’s made a tiny life for herself which she hopes will never change.

Stephen Beckett didn’t choose Catoctin Creek. If he had a choice, he’d be back in his Manhattan apartment. But when his father passes, leaving him a house in a sleepy Maryland backwater, he tries to make the best of it. Stephen’s land deals are guaranteed to make him a mint . . . but his scheming could ruin the life Rosemary holds so dear.

Book Two: Snowfall at Catoctin Creek

Nikki’s life is proceeding in an orderly fashion. Sure, she’d rather be coming up with exciting new recipes and overseeing a buzzing restaurant rather than running the country diner she inherited from her aunt. But Catoctin Creek loves the Blue Plate Diner. Nikki knows better than to upset the wagon. The last time she did that, things got messy.

Kevin’s life had been proceeding well enough . . . until he met Nikki. With her fiery personality and auburn curls on his mind, Kevin reluctantly returned to his real life in New York — with the intention of returning to Catoctin Creek as soon as possible. But when he gets back, ready to reinvent himself for Nikki, he’s immediately afraid he’s left things too long.

Book Three: Springtime at Catoctin Creek

Come back to western Maryland as the flowers begin to bloom and the snow melts for a budding romance between two people searching for the place they belong.

Sean arrived at Elmwood Equestrian Center with just his suitcase and his movie-star smile, but there’s a lot more to this handsome riding instructor than he’s letting on. He’s learning to survive, and the wealthy clients at Elmwood seem to be the meal ticket he’s been looking for.

Nadine has been Caitlin Tuttle’s right hand for a year now. Employment at Elmwood is a definite improvement on the horse farms she’s worked at in the past. Still, she can’t help but wonder if she’s ready for more than a barn apartment and a sixty-hour workweek. Is there anything in horses besides dead-end jobs?

Sean sees Nadine as a tomboy used to roughing it. He likes her well enough as a coworker—if only she’d stop giving him dirty looks every time he invites a horse show mom up to his apartment. Who is she to judge him, anyway? He’s busy enough judging himself. Sean doesn’t need any help in the self-loathing department.

Nadine sees Sean as the jerk boy who would have tortured her in high school. But she can’t deny he’s a gifted horseman, and she’s drawn to his solo sessions in the arena. In his soft hands and forgiving nature, she sees the equestrian she longs to become. Maybe Sean could develop her skills, give her a shot at bigger things? Assuming, of course, she could ever make it as a trainer on her own.

For Sean and Nadine, the changing skies and budding blossoms of springtime at Catoctin Creek could be the season that changes their lives forever. Do these two lost souls have what it takes to save each other?

Book Four: Christmas at Catoctin Creek

A romance born from a mystery, as the holidays arrive in Catoctin Creek.

When reporter Kelly O’Connell arrives in Catoctin Creek, the last thing on her mind is falling in love. She’s here for answers about a missing hiker, and just maybe to get away from her dissatisfaction with the way her life has turned out. But when she runs into the small town’s newly returned prodigal son, the sparks between them are undeniable – and quick to kindle into romance!

Meanwhile, the residents of this big-hearted town are pulling together this holiday season, helping one another deal with some surprise twists of their own, and planning a Christmas carnival to remember.