The Alex and Alexander Series

Award-nominated tales from the track

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Alex and Alexander run Cotswold Farm in Ocala, Florida. It’s a beautiful place of rolling hills, playful foals, and talented young racehorses. Perfect, right?

From warm winter mornings riding young horses on the training track, to hot summer afternoons in the stands at Saratoga, the Alex and Alexander Series digs deep into what makes horse-people tick. It opens with the short novella The Head and Not The Heart, a must-read for any equestrian who has ever lost a horse and asked herself what on earth we are doing out there.

For a lighter, more racetrack-centered read, start with Other People’s Horses, the Dr. Tony Ryan Book Award semi-finalist which explores summer racing in Saratoga.

The journey from racetrack to retirement is the central focus of Turning for Home, the Dr. Tony. Ryan Book Award finalist, which tells a tale of off-track Thoroughbreds from the racetrack point of view.

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Coming Soon: Runaway Alex

How did Alex end up in Ocala? In 2020, the prequel to The Head and Not The Heart will be released! This novel will explore how Alex, a young woman with a background in show horses, made her way into the horse racing industry and met Alexander, the racehorse trainer she would fall in love with. You can read the introduction to Runaway Alex for free at Patreon!

Reviews for The Alex and Alexander Series

“[Alex is] easy to relate to–equal parts doubt and hope, insecurity
and confidence. I think she’s inspiring, and will nudge her readers to face
their own crises.” – Melaina Phipps,

“The writing is beautiful, and if you love horses, she doesn’t dumb it down. She concentrates what makes horses so compelling.” – Alexa Shelton, Amazon