New Romantic Comedy in Kindle Unlimited

NOW IN KINDLE UNLIMITED: three romantic comedies with my signature writing style (slightly wordy is how I’d describe it, does that sound right to you?) with characters you’ll love rooting for!

Read them with your Kindle Unlimited subscription during this limited-time KU run!

THE WEEKEND WE MET: Book One of The Settle Down Society, featuring Insta-Love with a catch…only one of them remembers where they met.

The Weekend We Met ebook

THE SETTLE DOWN SUMMER: Book Two of The Settle Down Society, featuring The Wrong Guy, a crusty detective with a heart of gold, and New York City in every season (summer just sounded best as the title).

The Settle Down Summer

SORRY I KISSED YOU: My spiciest book yet, but it’s still closed-door (sorry again!) and featuring a fake dating rock-star romance that was my favorite writing experience of the entire year. They say you can tell when a writer was having a great time, so give this one a try and see what really makes me happy!

Sorry I Kissed You

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