Join the Briar Hill Farm Kickstarter

What an awesome launch of my first Kickstarter! 73% funded in the first two days…which means the audiobook of FOALING SEASON is close to getting produced. I’m so (cautiously) thrilled with the early response to this project.

Briar Hill Farm Kickstarter 73% funded.

It’s time to admit that producing books of any kind is not free. Whether an author is working on a publisher advance or an Amazon preorder system (which was my previous method of funding), the basic principles remain: electricity has to keep running, groceries have to be purchased, editing and design programs have to be paid for, and the rent must be paid. All while the book is in production!

If you preordered Book 2 of Briar Hill Farm, FRIENDS WITH HORSES, from Amazon, you got an email telling you the preorder was cancelled. That was Amazon’s call, not mine. But it’s okay, because I’m moving away from the Amazon preorder model to fund my books. Instead, I’m going to work with some new techniques…including Kickstarter.

And so it’s really important to know that a Kickstarter is not a donation – it’s a prepurchase with some great perks attached to thank you for jumping in before the product is complete. Even at the $5 backer level, you’ll get an exclusive short story written in the Briar Hill Farm world.

There are also exclusive digital and physical media packages, with perks like adding yourself to the books, or even adding your business!

So, please consider joining me in a better way to fund book production. And get some audiobooks produced, so more people can enjoy reading! Visit Kickstarter and check out the Briar Hill Farm page. Find the reward level that’s right for you. And share with friends who might love reading or giving the gift of fiction.


Visit Kickstarter here.