What’s Currently in Kindle Unlimited?

I know lots of readers have Kindle Unlimited subscriptions – I do, too! So here’s a rundown of the Natalie Keller Reinert books currently available with your Kindle Unlimited subscription!

Catoctin Creek

If you haven’t yet visited Catoctin Creek, you’re missing out on relaxation, beauty, and romance in the heart of the Maryland mountains. Readers love the settings and characters in Catoctin Creek. This series of four novels follows a new main character in each of the first three books, and then brings multiple characters together in the final volume. I purposely wrote Catoctin Creek to have a gentle, anxiety-free pace, as I began writing this series during the lockdowns of 2020.

This year, I designed beautiful new ebook covers for Catoctin Creek!

Catoctin Creek 2024 ebook covers

You can find the Catoctin Creek series in ebook at Amazon, and in paperback at all retailers, including my store, nataliekreinert.shop.

Sea Horse Ranch

Sea Horse Ranch and its follow-up, Sea Horse Lodge, are fan favorites for anyone who loves a unique, tropical setting! Years ago, I fell in love with the Florida Keys…and I’m hardly alone. In Sea Horse Ranch, I take readers off the beaten track, onto an out-island populated by a small group of islanders (lower Keys locals are called “Conchs” by the way) and a charming herd of horses. They’d love to offer beach rides with these horses…but the island doesn’t have a beach! That’s just the first hurdle towards keeping Sea Horse Ranch from falling into the hands of developers, as outside Katie will find after she ends up on the island.

There’s also a romance, a handsome musician, and a whole lot of island fun!

Sea Horse Ranch now in Kindle Unlimited

You can find Sea Horse Ranch in ebook at Amazon, and in paperback at all retailers, including nataliekreinert.shop.

Grabbing Mane

It’s called “relatable” for a reason…Grabbing Mane, and its follow-up, Flying Dismount, are two of my most popular books outside The Eventing Series! Casey’s grown-up life was perfectly fine. Great job, great boyfriend, great friends. But when she finds herself taking her first riding lesson since she gave up horses in high school, Casey’s life turns upside-down. Suddenly, she’s spending Saturdays at the barn instead of at brunch. Can Casey manage life, work, and horses? It’s the eternal question, now in novel form!

Grabbing Mane and Flying Dismount are available in ebook from Amazon, as well as in audiobook and paperback from all retailers!

These titles are the current Kindle Unlimited ebooks from Natalie Keller Reinert. I hope you enjoy them! And if you did, please leave a review or tell a friend!