Congrats to “The Project Horse” – an AHP Awards Finalist!

I’m very proud of my first Ocala Horse Girl today. Posey Malone, take a bow! The first of my equestrian romance series, The Project Horse, takes a finalist spot in the American Horse Publications’ 2023 awards. The category is best Equine-Related Fiction. In 2020, my novel The Hidden Horses of New York took this prize!

I think The Project Horse has what it takes to go all the way! In this novel, horse country ex-pat Posey Malone comes home again after spending ten years as a struggling copywriter in New York City…and finds out a few things have changed while she’s been gone. Thrust into the equestrian world so quickly she practically gets whiplash, Posey finds herself working alongside her ex-boyfriend Adam Salazar at his family’s Thoroughbred breeding and training farm. He’s the guy that pushed her out of horses a decade before, but Adam seems different now.

Different…and eager to make up for his past transgressions, although she’s not sure she wants to trust him. But when Posey bets him he can’t retrain a project horse to win a horse show class as quickly as she can, their uneasy relationship charges out of the gate!

Along with the fun and horsey romance taking place, readers also get to know Posey’s friends Evie Ballenger and Kayla Moore, who become the stars of their own stories in The Regift Horse and The Sweetheart Horse.

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Join me in wishing The Project Horse good luck in the awards, announced in late June 2023, and enjoy the book!

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