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In the runaway bestselling beginning to The Eventing Series, Ambition, Jules is twenty-two and tough as nails, already turning her working student background into eventing stardom. But in Bold, she’s brand-new to Ocala, Florida and not sure where to start. When Jules sets her sights on a job working for a big-name trainer, she thinks the gig is in the bag…but it turns out Ocala’s horse community isn’t ready for her brash attitude. What’s a girl with big dreams and no cash supposed to do?

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Catoctin Creek is a small town series featuring interconnected characters and places, each one wrapping events around a separate love story. Start reading this cozy, feel-good series with Sunset at Catoctin Creek. It’s the story of Rosemary Brunner, beloved local hermit and owner of an equine sanctuary, and Stephen Beckett, a lifelong city boy in a rush to buy up some land, close some deals, and get back to Manhattan. When he loses his heart to Rosemary, it’s the worst possible business move he could make – but Stephen’s about to learn there’s a lot more to life than making crazy money.

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