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Big dreams, deep friendships, limitless passion, and a strong sense of place: if you love novels which sweep you away from the real world, you’ve come to the right place. From equestrian fiction to small town romance to big city hopes, I’m always exploring the passions which drive us, the love affairs which fuel us, and the partnerships – both animal and human – which help us thrive. So dig in to whatever series suits your fancy! Chances are good you’ll be back for more!

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The Makeover Horse, Book Five of Ocala Horse Girls, is now available to preorder!

Mackenzie’s life needs a complete makeover. Just like her retired racehorse.
Halfway between a quarter-life crisis and a midlife one — that’s where you’ll find Mackenzie O’Neill. With the glitter of West Palm Beach and the debris of a failed marriage in her truck’s rear-view mirror, she’s heading to North Florida to start over as a groom for show-jumper Basil Han and his girlfriend, Kayla Moore (The Sweetheart Horse).

With her, she brings a retired racehorse she loves with all her heart, and her hope of taking him to the Thoroughbred Makeover competition in Kentucky. Oh, and a lot of emotional baggage about controlling men. She’s looking forward to healing and personal growth on a quiet farm.

She didn’t know about the farrier renting stalls and an apartment in the same barn where she’ll be living and working.

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Favorite Series

Ocala Horse Girls

The Project Horse

The Ocala Horse Girls: three friends making their way in the Horse Capital of the World. From racehorses to show horses, they’re making their dreams come true — and finding love along the way. Part of the Florida Equestrians Collection, the Ocala Horse Girls series complements The Eventing Series, The Alex & Alexander Series, and others in this collection with overlapping settings and scenery.

Enjoy these warm-hearted novels with just enough romance, available wherever books are sold.

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Briar Hill Farm

Foaling Season

This special trilogy brings together beloved characters from The Eventing Series, the Alex & Alexander Series, and The Show Barn Blues series. Follow journeys through life changes and career upsets with Alex, Jules, Grace, Amanda, Kit, and Pete. With new challenges, events, shows, and even foals, Briar Hill Farm is a satisfying and absorbing read for fans of the Florida Equestrians as well as new readers looking for a place to start getting to know these overlapping stories.

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Sea Horse Ranch

Sea Horse Ranch

Light-hearted love and friendship in the beautiful Florida Keys. Sea Horse Ranch is a beach read series you’ll fall in love with! When Katie has to hitchhike her way out of Key West, she thinks her short time in Florida is over. But in fact, her story in the Sunshine State is only just beginning. The perfect book to pack for that tropical cruise, beach vacation, or when you need some sunlight on a dark winter’s day.

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The Eventing Series


Featuring a hard-nosed young trainer who has to learn to be a good human before she can fulfill her dream of becoming a world-class Event rider, the Eventing Series has been wowing readers and inspiring fans since 2013. Jules Thornton is a tough cookie who needs to soften up just enough to woo clients and owners…but it’s going to take a hurricane to get her to understand that lesson! Join an epic eight-book adventure that has taken tens of thousands of readers on the adventure of a lifetime.

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The Alex & Alexander Series

From the breeding farm, to the winner’s circle, to retirement, readers can explore the world of horse racing for a better understanding of both the sport and the people who love it.

A beloved five-book series chronicling the adventures of an unlikely couple, bound by their love of Thoroughbreds, and featuring two top award finishers for the Dr. Tony Ryan Book Award, one of the country’s richest literary prizes.

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The Show Barn Blues Series

Show Barn blues

A fan favorite duo of novels set in a show barn so close to Orlando’s theme parks, fireworks shake the stalls at night. What would you do if your farm of twenty years is suddenly in danger of closing down? When Grace faces the development threatening her farm head on, she finds trouble approaching from every direction.

Grace is a beloved character who is part of the Florida Equestrians, showing up in The Eventing Series as well as Briar Hill Farm.

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The Hidden Horses of New York

The Hidden Horses of New York

A multi-award-winning standalone novel which follows Jenny, the daughter of racehorse trainers, from the streets of Manhattan to the Saratoga countryside, hoping she’ll find love along the way.

Winner: American Horse Publications and 2020 Equus Film & Arts Fest awards.

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The Grabbing Mane Series

A duet all about adulthood, finding room for horses, and learning to embrace our equestrian side no matter what seems to be standing in our way.

When Casey realizes her perfect life is missing something, she can’t quite put her finger on it…until chance takes her to the farm where she rode as a child. Suddenly, she’s back in the saddle, buying a horse, and watching helplessly as her life spins out of control. Can an adult horse girl really have it all?

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The Catoctin Creek Series

Small-town romance with an equestrian twist, set in the romantically beautiful small Maryland village of Catoctin Creek. Discover a series perfect for cozy evenings and lazy afternoons with these insightful, emotional, and inspiring novels.

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Romantic Comedy

Rom-coms with swoony romance and lots of heart! My romantic comedy novels may not be horsey, but they’re full of the rich settings and relatable characters that my equestrian fiction is known for. If you’re a fan of the genre, don’t miss them!

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Theme Park Adventures

Long-time readers and podcast listeners know that I’m a former theme park employee and a fan of theme park history. My novel You Must Be This Tall explores the fascinating worlds within theme park design, operation, and fandom. And there is more to come in this series!

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