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Hi! I’m Natalie Keller Reinert. I’m an award-winning author with the heart of a horse girl. If you’re here, you probably just finished one of my books – and I’m so happy to have you!

To make it easy to keep reading, I’ve complied the links to all five books on this page.

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Book 1: Runaway Alex

Book 2: The Head and Not The Heart

Book 3: Other People’s Horses

Book 4: Claiming Christmas

Book 5: Turning for Home

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Alex & Alexander Horse Racing Series

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The Eventing Series

The Eventing Series Natalie Keller Reinert

Discover the number-one bestsellers, featuring a hard-nosed young trainer who has to learn to be a good human before she can fulfill her dream of becoming a world-class Event rider. The Eventing Series has been wowing readers and inspiring fans since 2013. The series continues in 2022 with Book 7, Home.

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The Show Barn Blues Series

A fan favorite duo of novels set in a show barn so close to Orlando’s theme parks, fireworks shake the stalls at night. What would you do if your farm of twenty years is suddenly in danger of closing down? When Grace faces the development threatening her farm head on, she finds trouble approaching from every direction.

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The Catoctin Creek Series

Catoctin Creek Series

Small-town romance with an equestrian twist, set in the romantically beautiful (and sadly fictional) small Maryland village of Catoctin Creek. Discover a series perfect for cozy evenings and lazy afternoons with these insightful, emotional, and inspiring novels.

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The Grabbing Mane Series

With book two coming in 2021, Grabbing Mane is a runaway bestseller about an adult amateur rider coming to terms with the tough balance between passions and the real world.

The Hidden Horses of New York

A multi-award-winning standalone novel which follows Jenny, a bold young idealist, from the streets of Manhattan to the Saratoga countryside, hoping she’ll find love along the way. Winner: 2019 American Horse Publications and 2020 Equus Film & Arts Fest awards.

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From the passionate world of Three-Day Eventing to high-stakes horse racing, experience stories that take you inside the highest levels of horse sports.

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