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Now on Sale: The Hidden Horses of New York

Discover the equestrian communities which hide in plain sight throughout New York City, as new college grad and horse racing idealist Jenny searches out her place in the world.

The Hidden Horses of New York book cover

Jenny’s a horsewoman, born and bred. Aidan’s a photographer, with a passion for sleek thoroughbreds. Lana has business brains and start-up cash. Together, they’re going to bring horse racing’s best stories to life. Best friends working on a passion project together: it could be the perfect post-grad life in New York City… if only Jenny wasn’t hopelessly in love with Aidan.

Unrequited love aside, Jenny might be in over her head. It’s not an easy task to get old-fashioned trainers to open up to her, but Jenny’s determined to get her story. Then, as she digs deep in search of a missing horse, Jenny tumbles into a dark underworld she’d thought was just a fairy tale.

In the pursuit of horse racing’s happy endings, to say nothing of her own, Jenny will find herself tested again and again. A colt’s bid for a Breeders’ Cup championship, a racehorse with no name, a charming police mount on Amsterdam Avenue, a carriage horse clattering through Central Park: the horses of New York are clamoring to have their stories told. Jenny just has to find the words, and the courage, to give them a voice.


“It surpassed all expectations. It’s so much more than a pony book – there’s romance, and drama, and mystery, and horses… all set against the back drop of New York. It had me complete engrossed from start to finish. New York tourist board should be paying Natalie a commission, because I now have the overwhelming urge to return to the Big Apple and bypass the tourist trail in favour of visiting Aqueduct and Belmont and seeking out all the city’s hidden horses!”

“The setting is not just a convenient backdrop, it becomes its own character. The places are so lovingly, and well described that I almost become homesick for cities I’ve never seen. It is easy to see why the characters love where they’ve come from and where they’ve chosen to live.”

“This book blends the right amounts of horses, romance, intrigue and emotion to create a good yarn.”

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