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Heart horses, big dreams, and deep friendships: Natalie Keller Reinert’s novels explore the complexity and contradictions of the equestrian world. Whether you’re a dedicated horse-person, or simply love a great story, you’ll appreciate the realistic details and relatable characters in every novel.

Start reading now with writing that Horse Nation called “delightfully addictive barn drama.”

I have more than a dozen books, spread out over stand-alone titles and three different series. If you’re not sure where to begin, download Horse Country! This ebook includes the first few chapters of the introductory novels in each of my series, plus award-winning The Hidden Horses of New York: A Novel and my all-new adventure Grabbing Mane.

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The reviews are in, and Grabbing Mane is a hit! Readers say it’s a “wonderful, realistic, heartfelt story” and this book “captures the joys and conflicts that adult amateurs face.”

Adult amateurs, this is your story. This story follows the (mis)adventures of Casey, a thirty-something whose life seemed just fine on paper, until she realized something was missing. Something… horse-shaped? Learn more.

If you represent a blog, podcast, or other media outlet and would like a review copy of Grabbing Mane, please send me an email at natalie (at) nataliekreinert.com.

Click to learn more about Grabbing Mane, a story about returning to horses and finding your true self.

Learn more about my bestselling equestrian series, and find the perfect horse book for you!

With The Eventing Series, The Alex & Alexander Series, The Show Barn Blues Series, The Hidden Horses of New York, and the upcoming Grabbing Mane, you’re sure to find an equestrian novel that you’ll love.

Join an ongoing adventure with Jules, Pete, and the horses they love.

The Eventing Series is five books and counting, from runaway bestseller Ambition to fan-favorite Forward. Experience the highs and lows of a life with horses in this exciting series.

The Eventing Series Books

Experience racing life behind the scenes in this beloved series!

With a semi-finalist and finalist for horse racing’s most prestigious literary prize amongst their ranks, the racing and retirement adventures of Alex and her husband Alexander shine a light on horse racing in America.

Racing Series Header

Explore corners of the equestrian world you’ve never seen before.

From parades and theme parks to mounted police and carriage rides, these books go far beyond the show ring to explore the way we live with horses in rapidly-changing times.

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Reviews for Natalie Keller Reinert’s Equestrian Fiction

Show Barn Blues gets my full endorsement as a great little escape novel that gets all its horse facts straight, and feels more like making new barn friends in Florida than it does like reading. Whether you’re coming home from a long day at the barn or a full day at the office, this is a charming little book to curl up with by the fireplace this fall.” (Horse Nation)

“This is definitely a must read for equestrians.  It’s a fabulous work of horse fiction that could easily translate to real life.” (Review for Ambition at The Velvet Rider)

“Ambition provides a lively account of the challenges of the horse world, the dedication and sacrifice that are standard characteristics in so many competitive riders, and the riders’ drive and desire that, if they go unchecked, can border on the destructive. This is all balanced out by moments of humor, making Ambition a fun and compelling read.” (Review for Ambition at The Equine Insider)

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