Sea Horse Lodge Exclusive Pre-Release

For everyone who fell in love with the Conchs of Hell and Dammit Cay, get ready for the sequel to my popular novel Sea Horse Ranch: Sea Horse Lodge!

In this update, still told from the perspective of island outsider Katie LeBlanc, there is more friendship, excitement, and stormy weather on tap.

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The sequel to Sea Horse Ranch

Fulfilling a dream for a friend? That’s all in a day’s work for Katie, who (almost) single-handedly saved Sea Horse Ranch and Hell and Dammit Cay from ruination. So when the island’s resident old salt, Marchant, has a brush with death that leaves him longing to satisfy some of his long-deferred desires, Katie is on the job.

It’s just one more thing on her plate, but Katie is pretty sure she can keep all her plates spinning. Add in a new friend, a long-lost relative, and some stormy weather, and you’re in for a fabulous beach read in this second installment of Sea Horse Ranch.

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Watch for the paperback coming soon!