I’ve Got New Romance on Kindle Vella

Short, sweet, snappy chapters – a fun challenge for a writer like me!

And while my new novel Sea Horse Ranch still has the lushly-realized settings you love, I’m lingering a little less on the view and writing more about how it all makes us feel.

I’m really excited to bring the first book in my upcoming series Sea Horse Ranch to Kindle Vella, the serial novel platform built for readers on the go. And with the first three chapters free, plus as many as 200 free tokens from Vella to unlock future chapters, I’m pretty sure early adopters can read a lot of this book for free!

Sea Horse Ranch

Romance. Horses. The Florida Keys. What’s not to love?

Sea Horse Ranch ran on my Patreon earlier this year and was a big hit. This is a beach read with depth: a young woman hitchhiking north on U.S. 1 accepts a ride from a woman back to her tiny ranch in the Florida Keys, and meets a cast of characters who instantly find places in her heart. And when she learns that they need help saving their island paradise from the outside world, she knows she’ll do anything to help them.

Plus, there’s the enigmatic, mysterious son of the ranch owner. What’s his deal? Katie wants to find out – both for herself, and for the island’s future.

Dive into Sea Horse Ranch right now! Read the first three chapters on Kindle Vella for free. Look for regular updates throughout September and October 2021, until we reach the conclusion . . . of book one!

Get started at Kindle Vella – and be sure to hit like and follow on the store while you’re there!

The one caveat – Kindle Vella is only for U.S. users at this time. If you want to read Sea Horse Ranch and you can’t wait until the big release next summer, it’s also available for my Patreon subscribers. (Learn more here.)

2 thoughts on “I’ve Got New Romance on Kindle Vella

    • Natalie Keller Reinert says:

      Thanks, Susan! I’ve been thinking a little about the next one. It will probably be late this year. I don’t really have a plan yet but it will likely be another multi-character like Christmas at Catoctin Creek. I’d like to do a summer theme.

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